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Cloudsurance™ Is A New Kind Of Insurance

Insurance Designed To Mitigate Against Emerging Cloud Risks

Cloudsurance™ was founded by Alexander Saca and Guise Bule, who after operating cloud computing businesses for more than a decade, were unable to secure adequate cloud insurance protection for their own cloud customers. Whilst insurance designed to protect cloud providers from various risks did exist, this insurance did not extend to their own customers, or address any of the very specific risks that cloud consumers face, so they set out to create the world's first cloud insurance program, designed for cloud consumers and to protect their own cloud service customers.

Recent research by the European Network and Information Security Agency has led it to warn, "The proliferation of cloud computing and the sheer concentration of users and data that cloud providers have on rather few logical locations are definitely an attractive target for future attacks".

Whilst most cloud service providers are protected by some form of cyber insurance, this protection is usually put in place for their benefit rather than yours, coverage does not extend to the cloud customer and financial protection from most providers is non-existent. A data breach claim for a cloud provider is really just an errors and omissions (E&O) claim, the cloud provider usually has no direct liability to their customers whose cloud based assets have been breached, even if they are legally liable for failing to keep their customers data, desktops, servers and applications secure.

We launched Cloudsurance™ to fix this problem and provide comprehensive cloud insurance to those who need it most, the cloud customers.

There are inherent risks in trusting a third party with your business infrastructure and it more than makes sense to mitigate against those risks in any way that you can. The first step towards mitigating against cloud risks is recognizing that they are real, quantifying them in a financial way and providing financial protection against those risks should the worst occur. This is how Cloudsurance™ began, with your financial protection and cloud risks in mind.

Financial Protection Against Cloud Risk

Cloud Insurance protects your financially against cloud risks.

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