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Five Reasons Why You Need Cloud Insurance

If they lose your cloud files, its not their fault.

If you are one of the 400 million cloud users who use Dropbox or Box and they accidentally lose your data or let it get stolen by cyber thieves, its not their fault and it says so in their terms and conditions.

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Cloud Risk But No Cloud Insurance

My sister told me today that she has scans of all of her ID´s, bank statements, personal files and her family photo archive stored in Dropbox, my brother-in-law uses Box for his small business. I asked her how much she thought all of that was worth to her and the answer she gave me after thinking about it for a few seconds was “priceless”, I asked him and he answered “my entire business”. If Dropbox´s and Box´s 400 million or more customers are anything like my sister or brother-in-law, then they safeguard the digital crown jewels of hundreds of millions.

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The cloud computing industry falls over itself to guarantee 99.99% uptime, but who originally worked that figure out ? How did we as an industry arrive such a precise figure when we came to make our uptime promises? Maths? Four nines, it rolls off the tongue. It sounds lovely does it not?

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