Cloud providers, good at migrating you on, bad at migrating you off.

Almost every cloud provider you will come across will usually have an on boarding team who deal with new customers and help migrate their data, desktops, servers and applications onto their cloud platform. But as any experienced cloud consumer will tell you, asking a cloud provider to help you migrate your hosted assets off their infrastructure and onto a competitors is usually a frustrating experience. In worst-case scenarios cloud providers can refuse to cooperate with competitor support teams and help them with the migration, causing all kinds of problems to the operation of your business.

Cloudsurance™ can provide you with an independent emergency cloud migration team to assist in your migration from one provider to another.

If you need to suddenly migrate large amounts of users (and their data, desktops and applications) from one cloud hosting provider to another, it can be an incredibly daunting, stressful and complex task, especially when your old cloud provider is being unhelpful. It can often be incredibly helpful to have an independently separate and dedicated migration team handling the migration and mediating with your old cloud hosting providers.

Cloudsurance™ Migration Teams ensure that the migration of your users, data and infrastructure is handled efficiently, competently and securely.

Think of Cloudsurance™ as your Migration A Team, there when you need us to be, to support you through the trickiest migrations. We provide dedicated migration teams, made up of experienced cloud technicians in times of crisis, to help you migrate your cloud hosted assets from one provider to another.

Available 24/7/365 exclusively to our cloud insurance customers, we have you covered should your clouds become stormy.

Dedicated Cloud Migration Support

Available 24/7/365 exclusively to Cloudsurance™ customers.

Emergency Cloud Migration Teams

We provide emergency migration support for cloud based assets.