Large Cloud Providers Make Attractive Cyber Attack Targets

In 2014, cyber attacks on cloud environments reached the same level as attacks on traditional IT infrastructures, and it seems likely that the trend towards cyber attacks on cloud based infrastructures will see further increases. Cloud services concentrate so much data in one place that they become very attractive targets, justifying a large investment in a hacker's time and resources. Just as the world of business is moving to the cloud, so are the hackers

Recent research by the European Network and Information Security Agency has led it to warn, "The proliferation of cloud computing and the sheer concentration of users and data that cloud providers have on rather few logical locations are definitely an attractive target for future cyber attacks".

We believe that when you allow your data, desktops, servers and applications to be hosted with a cloud provider, you need to be absolutely sure that they are not only defending against cyber attack properly, but that they also have policies in place to compensate you financially should a cyber attack which affects you occur. Unfortunately whilst most cloud providers go to great lengths to defend against cyber attacks, hardly any of them provide any kind of policy or framework to calculate the actual financial losses incurred from a cyber attack and compensate you financially should a cyber attack occur.

Usually cloud providers will be covered by insurance, but this is for their protection rather than yours and none of them offer cyber attack insurance.

There are inherent risks in trusting a third party with your business infrastructure and it more than makes sense to mitigate against those risks in any way that you can. The first step towards mitigating against cloud risks is recognizing that they are real, quantifying them and providing financial protection against those risks should a serious cyber attack occur and this is how cyber attack insurance began, with your protection and cloud risks in mind.

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