Should disaster strike your cloud, Cloudsurance™ has you covered.

Supporting you when the worst goes wrong is not just about providing financial relief. When disaster strikes, you can rely on the dedicated support of a Cloudsurance™ team of IT First Responders™ to help you through the crisis. In the event of a total cloud-provider failure, our teams will move quickly to secure and restore access to your critical cloud based assets and in a real emergency, migrate your cloud based operation to a safe haven.

An experienced Cloudsurance™ team of IT First Responders™ will provide constant 24/7/365 support to help you through any cloud hosting disaster.

Most large cloud providers employ very large support teams who are well drilled in disaster recovery and support, but every time a genuine disaster occurs, their support teams are usually overwhelmed. There have been well known outages at Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and even Google.

Because large cloud providers have so many users, they often become overwhelmed with support cases when disaster strikes.

Think of our IT First Responders™ as your disaster plan B. We provide dedicated disaster recovery support and teams of experienced cloud technicians in times of crisis to help you with any cloud computing disaster that affects your cloud hosted data, desktops, applications or servers.

Available 24/7/365 exclusively to Cloudsurance™ customers, we have you covered should disaster strike your cloud.

Dedicated Disaster Recovery Support

Available 24/7/365 to cloud insurance customers.

A Disaster Plan B For Cloud Based Assets

We provide instant disaster support for cloud based assets.