Cloud Uptime Has a Habit Of Becoming Cloud Downtime

If you take a close look at pretty much any hosting providers SLA (service level agreement), they almost always promise 99.99% uptime at the very least. Its what is known in the industry as Four 9´s and it is the standard as far as uptime is concerned, although some even promise 100% uptime.

As with any sort of promise, an SLA is only ever any good until it is tested by reality and the reality of uptime is that it seems to have a naturally tendency to become downtime and a 2014 Cloud Outage Audit of large cloud hosting providers shows that even the largest suffer from downtime occasionally.

We believe that when you allow your desktops, servers and applications to be hosted with a third-party cloud provider, you need to be absolutely sure that they are not only mitigating against downtime properly, but that they also have policies in place to compensate you financially should downtime occur.

Unfortunately whilst most of the larger cloud providers go to great lengths to ensure that downtime does not happen, hardly any of them provide any kind of policy or framework to calculate the actual financial losses incurred from downtime and compensate you financially should downtime occur.

Usually cloud providers will be covered by their own insurance, but this insurance is for their protection rather than yours, none of them offer downtime insurance to their own customers, to protect against the obvious risk of downtime, which is why we created the world's first downtime insurance.

There are inherent risks in trusting a third party with your business infrastructure and it more than makes sense to mitigate against those risks in any way that you can. The first step towards mitigating against cloud risks is recognizing that they are real, quantifying them financially and providing downtime insurance against those risks should the worst occur and this is how downtime insurance began, with your financial protection and downtime risks in mind.

Financial Protection Against Downtime

Cloud insurance protects you financially against downtime.

World's First Downtime Cloud Insurance

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